UPD784214AGC даташит — 16Bit Microcontroller — NEC

Номер в каталоге : UPD784214AGC


Производитель : NEC


The µPD784214A, 784215A, 784216A, 784217A, and 784218A are products of the µPD784216A/784218A Subseries in the 78K/IV Series. Besides a high-speed and high performance CPU, these controllers have ROM, RAM, I/O ports, 8-bit resolution A/D and D/A converters, timers, serial interfaces, a real-time output port, interrupt functions, and various other peripheral hardware. The µPD784214AY, 784215AY, 784216AY, 784217AY, and 784218AY are based on the µPD784216Y/784218Y Subseries with the addition of a multimaster-supporting I2C bus interface. The µPD78F4218A and 78F4218AY, products with a flash memory instead of the internal ROM of mask ROM versions, and various development tools are also available.

UPD784214AGC даташит

UPD784214AGC даташит