UCC27531 Даташит

Номер в каталоге : UCC27531

функция : UCC27531 / UCC2753x / 2.5-A and 5-A, 35-V max VDD FET and IGBT Single-Gate Driver

Производитель : Texas Instruments

цоколевка :
UCC27531 datasheet

Описание :

The UCC2753x family of devices are single-channel, high-speed, gate drivers capable of effectively driving MOSFET and IGBT power switches by up to 2.5-A source and 5-A sink (asymmetrical drive) peak current. Strong sink capability in asymmetrical drive boosts immunity against parasitic Miller turn-on effect.

The UCC2753x device can also feature a split-output configuration where the gate-drive current is sourced through OUTH pin and sunk through OUTL pin. This pin arrangement allows the user to apply independent turn-on and turn-off resistors to the OUTH and OUTL pins respectively and easily control the switching slew rates.

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