TA8186P даташит — AM / FM IF + MPX system IC — Toshiba

Номер в каталоге : TA8186P

Function : AM/FM IF+MPX

Производитель : Toshiba


TA8186P is the AM / FM IF + MPX system IC, which is designed for radio cassette recorders and music centers.

Block Diagram

TA8186P Block Diagram


1. Compact package (DIP16), and small number of external parts.
2.  AM IFT is also used for VCO resonator.
3.  Built−in FM soft muting circuit.
4.  Operating supply voltage range:
VCC (opr)= 3.5~13V (Ta = 25°C)  At FM soft mute using:
VCC (opr)= 3.5~9V (Ta = 25°C)


TA8186P даташит

TA8186P даташит