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Номер в каталоге : STK11C48-N25I

Function : 2K x 8 nvSRAM CMOS nonvolatile static RAM / 28-Pin 300 mil PDIP, 300 mil SOIC and 350 mil SOIC Packages

Производитель : Simtek Corporation

цоколевка :

STK11C48-N25I datasheet

Описание :

The Simtek STK11C48 is a fast static RAMwith a nonvolatile element incorporated in each static memory cell. The SRAMcan be read and written an unlimited number of times,while independent, nonvolatile data resides in the Nonvolatile Elements.

Data transfers from the SRAMto the Nonvolatile Elements (the STOREoperation), or from Nonvolatile Elements to SRAM(the  RECALLoperation), take place using a software sequence. Transfers from the Nonvolatile Elements to the SRAM(the  RECALL operation) also take place automatically on restoration of power.



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