S24CS02A Даташит — 2K (256×8) EEPROM — Seiko

Номер в каталоге : S24CS02A

Function : (S-24CS0xA) 2-Wire CMOS Serial EPROM

Производитель : Seiko Instruments

цоколевка :
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S24CS02A Даташит Pinout

Описание :

The S-24CS01A/02A/04A H series is a high temperature operation 2-wire serial EPROM for automotive components. The S-24CS01A/02A/04A H series has the capacity of 1 K-bit, 2 K-bit and 4 K-bit, and the organization is 128 words ×8 bits, 256 words ×8 bits and 512 words ×8 bits.

The page write mode allows up to 8 bytes to be written in a single write operation in the S-24CS01A/02A and 16 bytes to be written in a single write operation in the S-24CS04A.
Basic data transmission procedure is the same as that in the «Byte Write». But instead of generating a stop condition, the master transmits 8-bit write data up to 8 bytes before the page write. When the S-24CS01A/02A/04A receives a 7-bit device address and a 1-bit read / write instruction code set to «0», following a start condition, it generates an acknowledge. Then the S-24CS01A/02A/04A receives an 8-bit word address, and responds with an acknowledge. After the S-24CS01A/02A/04A receives 8-bit write data and responds with an acknowledge, it receives 8-bit write data corresponding to the next word address, and generates an acknowledge. The S-24CS01A/02A/04A repeats reception of 8-bit write data and generation of acknowledge in succession. The S-24CS01A/02A/04A can receive as many write data as the maximum page size.
Receiving a stop condition initiates a write cycle of the area starting from the designated memory address and having the page size equal to the received write data.


S24CS02A Даташит

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