PIC16F1825 даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : PIC16F1825

функция : 14/20-Pin Flash Microcontrollers

Производитель : Microchip Technology

цоколевка :
PIC16F1825 datasheet

Описание :

  • Enhanced Mid-range Core with 49 Instruction, 16 Stack Levels
  • Flash Program Memory with self read/write capability
  • Internal 32MHz oscillator
  • Integrated Capacitive mTouch Sensing Module
  • Data Signal Modulator for generation of custom bit streams
  • CVREF can be used as 5-bit DAC
  • MI2C, SPI, EUSART w/auto baud
  • 2 ECCP & 2 CCP (Enhanced/Capture Compare PWM)
  • Comparators with selectable Voltage Reference

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PIC16F1825 pdf

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