NTE851 14 Pin Даташит

Номер в каталоге : NTE851
функция : Integrated Circuit Schottky / VHF/UHF Prescaler
Производитель : NTE Electronics

цоколевка :
NTE851 datasheet

Описание :

The NTE851 is an integrated circuit prescaler in a 14–Lead DIP type package intended for use in TV frequency synthesis tuning systems over an input frequency range of 90 to 1000MHz. It performs division by 256 in he UHF mode and division by 64 in the VHF mode.

The mode of operation can be selected by means of the bandswitch and the separate UHF and VHF input pins provided. The output is a complementary emitter–coupled stage with controlled slew rate for harmonic suppression.


* Broadband Operation: 90 to 1000MHz
* High Sensitivity
* Standard 5V Power Supply
* Dual Mode Operation: VHF/UHF
* Complementary ECL Outputs
* Independent VHF & UHF Input Pins

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