MTP3055V Даташит

Номер в каталоге : MTP3055V

Function : Power MOSFET 12 Amps, 60 Volts — N−Channel TO−220

Производитель : ON Semiconductor

цоколевка :

MTP3055V datasheet

Описание :

This Power MOSFET is designed to withstand high energy in the avalanche and commutation modes. Designed for low voltage, high speed switching applications in power supplies, converters and power motor controls, these devices are particularly well suited for bridge circuits where diode speed and commutating safe operating areas are critical and offer additional safety margin against unexpected voltage transients.

• On−resistance Area Product about One−half that of Standard MOSFETs with New Low Voltage, Low RDS(on)Technology
• Faster Switching than E−FET Predecessors
• Avalanche Energy Specified
• IDSSand VDS(on)Specified at Elevated Temperature
• Static Parameters are the Same for both TMOS V and TMOS E−FET

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