MT6166V Даташит — Phone chip IC / IC BGA — MediaTek

Номер в каталоге : MT6166V

функция : MTK MT6166V phone chip IC / IC BGA

Производитель : MediaTek

цоколевка :
MT6166V datasheet

Описание :

MediaTek MTK MT6166V mobile phone chip IC,

The MT6166 receiver section fully integrates all RF and baseband signal processing, and it includes Low Noise Amplifiers, Down-converting Mixers, Baseband Amplifiers/Low Pass Filters, Baseband Output D.C offset Correction, Receive Local Oscillator (LO) Generator. The transmit section of the MT6166 radio implements a translation loop modulator. This consists of a quadrature modulator, high speed phase-frequency detector (PFD) with charge pump output, loop filter, TX VCO and a feedback down converting mixer.

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