MST776-I даташит — Car TV Processor, LQFP 216Pin — Mstar

Номер в каталоге : MST776-I

Function : Car TV Processor with PIP/POP and External SDRAM

Package : LQFP 216Pin

Производитель : Mstar Semiconductor


MST776-I Image


MST776-I Pinout


The MST776-I is a highquality ASIC for Car TV and portable DVD player applications.  It receives analog NTSC/PAL/SECAM CVBS and S-Video inputs fromTVtuners, DVDor VCR sources, including weak anddistorted signals, as well as analog RGB input from GPS systems.  Automaticgain control(AGC) and 10-bit 3-channel A/D convertersprovide high resolution video quantization.  With automatic video source and modedetection, users can easily switch and adjust varietyof signal sources.  Multiple internal adaptive PLLsprecisely extract pixel clock from video source and perform sharp colordemodulation.  PIP/POP isprovided for multimedia applications.  Built-in line-buffer supports adaptive 2-D comb-filter, 2-D sharpening, and synchronization stabler in a condensed manner.  Theoutput format of MST776-I supports 8-bit TTLor LVDSdigital TFT-LCD

MST776-I даташит