MAX6472 Даташит

Номер в каталоге : MAX6472

Function : 300mA LDO Linear Regulators with Internal Microprocessor Reset Circuit

Производитель : Maxim Integrated

цоколевка :

MAX6472 datasheet

Описание :

♦ 3 ✕3 UCSP, 6-Pin SOT23, and 8-Pin TDFN Packages
♦ Preset +1.5V to +3.3V Output (100mV Increments)
♦ SET Pin for Adjustable Output Voltage
♦ 75µVRMSLDO Output Voltage Noise(MAX6477–MAX6484)
♦ ±2.0% Accuracy Over Temperature
♦ Guaranteed 300mA Output Current
♦ Low Dropout Voltage
55mV at 150mA
114mV at 300mA
♦ 82µA Supply Current, 0.1µA Shutdown Current
♦ Input Reverse Current, Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
♦ Microprocessor Reset with Four Timeout Options
♦ Push-Pull or Open-Drain RESET
♦ Manual Reset Input
♦ Remote Feedback Sense

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