IRG4PC50W Даташит — IR

Номер в каталоге : IRG4PC50W

функция : Insulated gate bipolar transistor

Производитель : International Rectifier

цоколевка :

IRG4PC50W Даташит

Описание :

• Designed expressly for Switch-Mode Power Supply and PFC (power factor correction)applications
• Industry-benchmark switching losses improve efficiency of all power supply topologies
• 50% reduction of Eoff parameter
• Low IGBT conduction losses
• Latest-generation IGBT design and construction offers
tighter parameters distribution, exceptional reliability

• Lower switching losses allow more cost-effective operation than power MOSFETs up to 150 kHz
(«hard switched» mode)
• Of particular benefit to single-ended converters and boost PFC topologies 150W and higher
• Low conduction losses and minimal minority-carrier recombination make these an excellent option for resonant mode switching as well (up to >300 kHz)

IRG4PC50W Даташит PDF
IRG4PC50W pdf

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