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Номер в каталоге : FM6316FE
функция : 1A dedicated mobile power management IC
Производитель : Unspecified

цоколевка :
FM6316FE datasheet

Описание :

FM6316FE is applied to a mobile power, integrated lithium battery charge management, DC-DC step-up and load detection in one portable power Source management IC.

FM6316FE integrated include trickle charge, constant current and constant voltage charging charging charge of the whole process, and contains the end of the charging process and charging status indicator Lamp; charge current is programmed by an external resistor; the system will be shut down in the charged state output discharge path; when the external input power removed, FM6316FE to an external device powered by the battery, if the external device is not detected the access, the system enters the standby state, the standby current of the entire system 16uA.

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