ECN3053F Даташит

Номер в каталоге : ECN3053F

Function : 3-Phase Motor Bridge Driver IC / HIGH VOLTAGE MONOLITHIC IC

Производитель : Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics

цоколевка :

ECN3053F datasheet

Описание :

The ECN3053F drives a 3-Phase Motor Bridge with 3 TOP and 3 BOTTOM Arms, Push-Pull Output Drivers controlled by 6 CMOS inputs. Built in a High Voltage Dielectric Isolation Process, this Latch-Up Free IC can directly drive 6 IGBT or MOSFET gates in 3-Phase Brushless DC and Induction Motor Bridges. The TOP Arms can Boot Strap bias at up to 620VDC (Breakdown). An on-chip OpAmp allows Custom, Low, Over Current (OC) trip voltages so as to minimize Sense Resistor power dissipation in High Wattage applications. The TOP and BOTTOM Arms are Under Voltage (UV) protected.


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