DS9034PCX Даташит

Номер в каталоге : DS9034PCX

Function : Y2KC Nonvolatile timekeeping RAM

Производитель : Maxim Integrated

цоколевка :

DS9034PCX datasheet

Описание :

. Integrated NV SRAM, Real-Time Clock, Crystal, Power-Fail Control Circuit and
Lithium Energy Source

. Clock Registers are Accessed Identically to the Static RAM; These Registers are Resident in the Eight Top RAM Locations

. Century Byte Register

. Totally Nonvolatile with Over 10 Years of Operation in the Absence of Power

. BCD Coded Century, Year, Month, Date, Day, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds with
Automatic Leap Year Compensation Valid Up to the year 2100
. Battery Voltage Level Indicator Flag Power-Fail Write Protection Allows for ±10%
. VCC Power Supply Tolerance

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