BCR5PM-12L даташит — 600V 5A Triac — Renesas

Номер в каталоге : BCR5PM-12L

Description : Triac Medium Power Use

Производитель : Renesas Technology


BCR5PM-12L Pinout


•  IT (RMS): 5 A
•  VDRM: 600 V
•  IFGTI, I RGTI, I RGTIII: 20 mA (10 mA)•  Viso : 2000 V
•  Insulated Type
•  Planar Passivation Type


Switching mode power supply, light dimmer, electronic flasher unit, control of household equipment such as TV sets, stereo systems, refrigerator, washing machine, infrared kotatsu, carpet, solenoid driver, small motor control, copying machine, electric tool, electric heater control, and other general controlling device.

BCR5PM-12L даташит

BCR5PM-12L даташит