ATXMEGA64D3 даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : ATXMEGA64D3

Function : 8/16-bit Atmel AVR XMEGA D3 Microcontroller

Производитель : Atmel Corporation

цоколевка :

ATXMEGA64D3 datasheet

Описание :

 High-performance, low-power Atmel® AVR® XMEGA® 8/16-bit Microcontroller
 Nonvolatile program and data memories
 32K — 384KBytes of in-system self-programmable flash
 4K — 8KBytes boot section
 2K — 4KBytes EEPROM
 4K — 16KBytes internal SRAM
 Peripheral features
 Four-channel event system
 Five 16-bit timer/counters
 Four timer/counters with four output compare or input capture channels
 One timer/counter with two output compare or input capture channels
 High resolution extension on two timer/counters
 Advanced waveform extension (AWeX) on one timer/counter

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