AS8202 даташит — Communication Controller — ams AG

Номер в каталоге : AS8202

Function : TTP/C-C2 Communication Controller

Производитель : Austria Micro Systems AG

AS8202 Image

Official Homepage : Sensor-Interfaces/Industrial-BUS/AS8202/AS8202B-Datasheet


AS8202 даташит


The AS8202 communications controller is an integrated device supporting serial communication according to the TTP/C specification. It performs all communications tasks such as reception and transmission of messages in a TTP cluster without interaction of the host CPU.

TTP provides mechanisms that allow the deployment in high-dependability distributed real time systems. It provides following services:
•  predictable transmission of messages with minimal jitter
•  fault-tolerant distributed clock synchronisation
•  consistent membership service with small delay
•  masking of single faults

AS8202 даташит