AD260BND-2 даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : AD260BND-2

функция : High speed, logic isolator with power transformer, 2 inputs, 3 outputs, isolation test voltage=3.5 kV

Производитель : Analog Devices

цоколевка :
AD260BND-2 datasheet

Описание :

The AD260 is designed using Analog Devices new IsoLogic circuit architecture to isolate five digital control signals to/from a microcontroller and its related field I/O components. Six models allow all I/O combinations from five input lines to five output lines, including combinations in between. Every AD260 effectively replaces up to five opto-isolators while also providing the 1.5 W transformer for a 3.5 kV isolated dc-dc power supply circuit.

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AD260BND-2 pdf

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