74F574 даташит — Octal D-Type Flip-Flop — Philips

Номер в каталоге : 74F574

функция : Octal D-Type Flip-Flop with 3-STATE Outputs

Производитель : Philips

Описание :

The 74F574 is a high-speed, low power octal flip-flop with a buffered common Clock (CP) and a buffered common Output Enable (OE). The information presented to the D inputs is stored in the flip-flops on the LOW-to-HIGH Clock (CP) transition. This device is functionally identical to the 74F374 except for the pinouts.

1. Inputs and outputs on opposite sides of package allowing easy interface with microprocessors
2. Useful as input or output port for microprocessors
3. Functionally identical to 74F374
4. 3-STATE outputs for bus-oriented applications

74F574 даташит

74F574 даташит