30F126 Даташит — Toshiba 330V IGBT — GT30F126

Номер в каталоге : 30F126, GT30F126

Функция : 330V IGBT

Производитель : Toshiba

GT30F126 30F126 30A/330V IGBT TO-220F


30F126 Изображение, GT30F126 Изображение


Reference site : http://monitor.net.ru/forum/30f126-info-494727.html

30F126 Даташит

30F126 Даташит, GT30F126 Даташит

Reference PDF (30F124, 30F125, 30F127, 30F128, 30F131)

The Toshiba discrete IGBTs are available in high-voltage and high-current ratings. They are used in inverter and power conversion circuits for such diverse applications as motor drivers, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, IH cookers, plasma display panels (PDPs), strobe flashes and so on.

(1) IGBTs also featuring fast switching
(2) Low collector-emitter saturation voltage even in the large current area
(3) IGBTs featuring a built-in diode with optimal characteristics tailored to specific applications
(4) High input impedance allows voltage drives
(5) Available in a variety of packages

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