24C64 Даташит

Номер в каталоге : 24C64

Function : 64/32 Kbit Serial IC Bus EEPROM

Производитель : Fairchild Semiconductor

цоколевка :

24C64 datasheet

Описание :

FM24C64 is a 64Kbit CMOS non-volatile serial EEPROM organized as 8K x 8 bit memory. This device confirms to Extended IIC 2-wire protocol that allows accessing of memory in excess of 16Kbit on an IIC bus.

This serial communication protocol uses a Clock signal (SCL) and a Data signal (SDA) to synchronously clock data between a master (e.g. a microcontroller) and a slave (EEPROM). FM24C64 is designed to minimize pin count and simplify PC board layout requirements.


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