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TRF3722 даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : TRF3722

функция : TRF3722 Quadrature Modulator with Integrated PLL and VCO / VQFN (48) Package

Производитель : Texas Instruments

цоколевка :
TRF3722 datasheet

Описание :

TRF3722 is a high performance direct conversion quadrature modulator with exceptional linearity and low noise performance. The typical 0.25 V baseband common mode voltage supports seamless interface with current source DACs. The device integrates the PLL and VCO to provide the local oscillator (LO) to the modulator.

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TRF3722 pdf

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Toshiba A1015 даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : A1015

Function : 2SA1015, A1015 / PNP general purpose transistor / Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier Applications

Производитель : Toshiba

цоколевка :

A1015 datasheet

Описание :

•  High voltage and high current: VCEO= −50 V (min),  IC= −150 mA (max)

•  Excellent hFElinearity : hFE (2)= 80 (typ.) at VCE= −6 V, IC= −150 mA
 : hFE(IC= −0.1 mA)/hFE(IC= −2 mA) = 0.95 (typ.)

•  Low noise: NF = 1dB (typ.) (f = 1 kHz)

•  Complementary to 2SC1815.

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A1015 pdf

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