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NJU7018M даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : NJU7018M

Function : Low-voltage operation dual C-MOS operational amplifier

Производитель : Japan Radio Corporation

цоколевка :

NJU7018M datasheet

Описание :

The NJU7018 is a low voltage single-power-supply and low operating current dual C-MOS operational amplifier.

The input bias current is as low as less than 1pA consequently the very small signal around the ground level can be amplified.

The minimum operating voltage is 1V and the output stage permits output signals to swing between both of the supply rails.

Furthermore, the NJU7018 is packaged with a various small one herefore it can be especially applied to portable items.

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NJU7018M pdf

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AD8345-EVAL даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : AD8345-EVAL

Function : 140 MHz to 1000 MHz quadrature modulator

Производитель : Analog Devices

цоколевка :

AD8345-EVAL datasheet

Описание :

The AD8345 is a silicon RFIC quadrature modulator, designed for use from 140 MHz to 1000 MHz. Its excellent phase accuracy and amplitude balance enable the high performance direct modulation of an IF carrier. The AD8345 accurately splits the external LO signal into two
quadrature components through the polyphase phase splitter network. The I and Q LO components are mixed with the baseband I and Q differential input signals. Finally, the outputs
of the two mixers are combined in the output stage to provide a single-ended 50 Ω drive at VOUT.

140 MHz to 1000 MHz operating frequency
+2.5 dBm P1dB @ 800 MHz
−155 dBm/Hz noise floor
0.5 degree RMS phase error (IS95)
0.2 dB amplitude balance
Single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply
Pin-compatible with AD8346 and AD8349
16-lead TSSOP_EP package

Cellular communication systems
W-CDMA/CDMA/GSM/PCS/ISM transceivers
Fixed broadband access systems LMDS/MMDS
Wireless LAN
Wireless local loop
Digital TV/CATV modulators
Single sideband upconverter

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AD8345-EVAL pdf

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