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AD7476 Даташит

Номер в каталоге : AD7476

Function : 1 MSPS, 12-/10-/8-Bit ADCs in 6-Lead SOT-23

Производитель : Analog Devices

цоколевка :

AD7476 datasheet

Описание :

The AD7476/AD7477/AD7478 are, respectively, 12-bit, 10-bit, and 8-bit, high speed, low power, successive approximation ADCs. The parts operate from a single 2.35 V to 5.25 V power supply and feature throughput rates up to 1 MSPS. Each part contains a low noise, wide bandwidth track-and-hold amplifier that can handle input frequencies in excess of 6 MHz. The conversion process and data acquisition are controlled using CSand the serial clock, allowing the devices to interface
with microprocessors or DSPs. The input signal is sampled on the falling edge of CSand the conversion is initiated at this point. There are no pipeline delays associated with these parts.

Fast throughput rate: 1 MSPS
Specified for VDDof 2.35 V to 5.25 V
Low power
3.6 mW at 1 MSPS with 3 V supplies
15 mW at 1 MSPS with 5 V supplies
Wide input bandwidth
70 dB SNR at 100 kHz input frequency
Flexible power/serial clock speed management
No pipeline delays
High speed serial interface
Standby mode: 1 μA maximum
6-lead SOT-23 package

Battery-powered systems
Personal digital assistants
Medical instruments
Mobile communications
Instrumentation and control systems
Data acquisition systems
High speed modems
Optical sensors

A version: VDD= 2.7 V to 5.25 V, fSCLK= 20 MHz, fSAMPLE= 1 MSPS, unless otherwise noted; S and B versions: VDD= 2.35 V to 5.25 V,fSCLK= 12 MHz, fSAMPLE= 600 kSPS, unless otherwise noted; TA= TMINto TMAX, unless otherwise noted.

VDD= 2.7 V to 5.25 V, fSCLK= 20 MHz, TA= TMINto TMAX, unless otherwise noted.

VDD= 2.7 V to 5.25 V, fSCLK= 20 MHz, TA= TMINto TMAX, unless otherwise noted.

VDD= 2.35 V to 5.25 V, TA= TMINto TMAX, unless otherwise noted.

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FAN6754 даташиты PDF

Номер в каталоге : FAN6754

Function : Highly Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller

Производитель : Fairchild Semiconductor

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FAN6754 datasheet

Описание :

Obsolete as of 25-Nov-2012
The highly integrated FAN6754 PWM controller provides several features to enhance the performance of flyback converters. To minimize standby power consumption, a proprietary green-mode function provides off-time modulation to continuously decrease the switching frequency under light-load conditions.

Under zero-load and very light-load conditions, FAN6754 saves PWM pulses by entering deep burst mode. This burst mode function enables the power supply to meet international power conservation requirements.

FAN6754 integrates a frequency-hopping function internally to reduce EMI emission of a power supply with minimum line filters.Built-in synchronized slope compensation is accomplished by proprietary HV monitor to adjust VLimit for constant output power limit over universal AC input range. Also, the gate output is clamped at 13V to protect the external MOSFET from over-voltage damage.

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FAN6754 pdf

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