12C5204AD даташит PDF — STC12C5204AD Microcontroller

Номер в каталоге : 12C5204AD, STC12C5204AD

Function : STC 12C5204AD MCU(Microcontroller)

Производитель : STC MCU Limited

цоколевка :

12C5204AD даташит

12C5204AD Select TableОписание :

— Fire-new product with high technology
— Never used before, in a new condition
— Meticulous workmanship guarantees the impeccable appearance and safe usage
— Durable and reliable to use
— Make processors with data processing ability get together
— A powerful IC chip; also an ideal part for DIY projects Specifications
— Parsts No. : STC12C5204AD
— Brand: STC

12C5204AD даташиты


12C5204AD даташит PDF Download

Official Datasheet : http://www.stcmcu.com/datasheet/stc/STC-AD-PDF/STC12C5201AD-english.pdf
12C5204AD pdf

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